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Enter a domain name for your ticket shop. This name is visible in the url of your ticketshop,

Please provide a working mail address. The login information will be sent to this email address. requires a number of documents:

-Company extract not older than 3 months
-ID of the authorized signatory(ies)
-Business Bank Statement

We create an account at and at Ticketapply.*

Once you have an account with Ticketapply, you can create your own events and manage your tickets.

Your money is always safely in a third-party account and paid directly to you. The transaction fees are settled directly by and paid to Ticketapply.

*It is only possible to open an account with if the requested documents have been provided.

Want your own account to view and test the system without your own connection to Then contact All we need then is a domain name and your email address. We can then request another account with later and link that to your account with us.

If you do not have a valid KVK and business bank account then it is not possible to apply for your own account with We can then still provide ticket sales for your event but the transactions will run through a separate account from Ticketapply. In that case, we do not pay out weekly but after an event.