Advanced features for everyone.

Many free and especially useful features for any kind of event. A complete system from ticketing to access control!

If you want to see how the dashboard works request the demo or sign up for a personal account. Judge for yourself whether to run ticket sales through Ticketapply.


Ticketapply is a ticket service that allows you to handle the sale of your tickets yourself. Create your own events and tickets. Visitors can purchase tickets through the ticket shop and will receive an email with the tickets. The ticket service is fully automated

Clear dashboard to create unlimited events

Create unlimited tickets you want to sell

The ticketshop is automatically created and there is a url for your ticketshop in the dashboard

View all orders in your dashboard and help your customers further

Per order, you can make changes as needed

See how ticket sales are going in a chart

Decide which payment methods should be used for which event


Ticketapply works with access lists that you can create yourself by selecting the ticket types you want to scan. Each access list has a unique code that allows you to log into the scanning app and then you can scan only the list belonging to code. You have complete control over every entrance at your event.

Create your own access list in the dashboard

Determine which tickets to scan by selecting them from the list

Install the free scanning app on your Android or IOS mobile

Each list gets a unique code that you can use to log into the scanning app

Scan the list with your own mobile

List for your artist entrance, backstage staff entrance or VIP entrance

Nice extras

There are all kinds of nice free extras that make it a very convenient and advanced ticketing system. Create your own discount codes, hardcopies and guest lists for your event. You can create free tickets and easily place the ticketshop on your website with the WordPress plugin.

Set appropriate limits for tickets

You can set discount codes for each ticket

Want to give members only a one-time discount on a ticket? A special member discount application makes that possible.

Create unlimited guest lists to invite your guests

In the dashboard, you can create unlimited hardcopies

Download CSV lists of hardcopy QR codes and submit them to external parties such as vacation auctions

Printing own design hardcopies at a printing company

Secure Swap from Ticketswap

Free tickets for your event

WordPress plugin to put your ticketshop on your WordPress website


Integrate your event ticket shop on your website and fully customize it to your liking. If you prefer the webshop to run directly through our servers because it gets extra busy, you can do so through a direct link from the webshop. Link Tag Manager to the ticket shop and measure your conversions.

Integrate the webshop by placing the code on your website

Customize ticket shop formatting yourself with CSS

For each event you get a nice ticketshop that is on our server

Every order is saved even if the order is not yet completed

The mail addresses of your visitors are saved and can be easily downloaded

Post the link of the shop on all your sales channels

You can easily link the ticketshop to Google Tag Manager so you can measure all conversions

Visitors do not create an account or need to log in but can order directly

Use our API to connect Ticketapply with your favorite software

Customization for special needs

Do you have special requests that we don’t have (yet)?

Get in touch and we’ll make it!

Ticketapply was developed together with organizers for organizers. A large number of features we created especially for events with the thought that someone else might enjoy them too…..