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55 cent transaction costs

No ticket fee.

Make quick and efficient purchases in the tickshop.

Easy to connect to any system with our API.

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Free guest lists.

Directly connected to paymentservice Pay.nl.

Weekly paid.

All payment options possible.

Ticketapply was created for organizers who would rather help their customers themselves. We therefore ask for the lowest ticket fee of all systems. Of course we can also provide support for your customers, even then we can keep the ticket fee low.

Free account 20 cent and a Plus account 35 cent ticket fee

Free scanapp, scan with your mobile.

Set your ticket fee yourself and the difference is for you!

Free website integration on your website. Facebook integration of your ticketshop.

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100% Reliable

  • Ticketapply offers unlimited server capacity and no queues anymore.

  • Each ticket shop has its own database so you can always stay at maximum speed.

  • Your money is 100% safe and will be paid to you directly by Pay.nl on a weekly basis.
  • Screening events and organizers.
  • Our servers are at Amazon Web Service and are fully secure.

  • All payments are made through your own account at Pay.nl.

The feedback of various customers is that the system is user-friendly, that customers run fast through the process and that the support is quick and adequate.

Handwerk en Quiltdagen, Website

Adequate service and clear back office. Especially the ordering process is easy for our target group and very important!

ViltExpo, Website
Almost everyone who starts the order successfully finishes them.
Sprookjesfestival, Website
Making guest lists and creating a personal mail by list was very nice to us. Furthermore, we were able to offer all payment methods and of course it’s  nice to get your money right away!
Jong Management Congres, Website

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Easy but efficient tickets sell.

Complete control of your orders.

Download all data directly.

, overview
Ticketapply is a ticket system and no payment service provider. We consider ticket sales as normal webshops and believe that in the future this is the only way to offer our service with transparently and honestly.

Our philosophy is that a good system involves little cost. Therefore we can offer cheaper than other systems. The cash flows do not go through Ticketapply but via Pay.nl. Managing your events and the support to your customers can make the most of yourself. We make sure the system always works!

Transaction costs are for most providers between 39 and 60 cents. Some ask a percentage of the transaction. We ask 45 cents for an ideal transaction. We pay 39 cents directly to Pay.nl and 6 cents indirectly to Pay.nl for the alliance package.

Most providers request a ticket fee between 0.50 and 1.50. Some providers only offer service charges (ticket fee + transaction fee) and therefore request transaction fees for each ticket. Since the average order is always 2 tickets, visitors are structurally overloaded. Visitors pay for this one transaction on average twice the actual costs!

All providers have sharper rates for large users. Even those rates are almost always higher than our entry fee.
Aanbieder Ticket Transactie
Ticketapply 0,20 0,55
Ticketscript 1,50 3,5%
Paylogic 1,50 0,60
Ik ben Aanwezig 0,79 0
Ticketkantoor 0,80 0
O-ticket 0,50 0,50
Ticketmaster 1,50 0,50
Ticketjames 1,50 0,50
Youticketprovider 1,50 0,50

The average order of visitors is 2 tickets! To determine where your visitors get the sharpest rates, it’s important to include this in your calculation.